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Future Mobility

A  trend research to project how commuters will find, share, and ride in the far future


It's expensive, it's tedious and it's unpredictable.

You never know when you're going to hit an hour traffic,

or if your train is going to unapologetically stop halfway between the platforms.

I worked with a team of innovative automotive designers and engineers at Tata Motors Technical Centre, United Kingdom. There were several brainstorming sessions, insights on how we see the transportability in the far future. Due to NDA contract, I will not be able to share any of the details.

This is a trend analysis on future mobility and the impact that will have on the commuters in the future. The insight and research materials are from my personal research gathering.


 To develop advanced concepts for the Geneva Auto Show

My role

I was responsible to find the research insight for the concept development stage 


  • User Research

  • Consumer Insight

  • Trend Analysis


Interactive and experimental approach  displays an understanding between people and tech, one gets to  immerse in a parallel universe.  


Alexa and Google have already been  a part of our lives and  

now they are being welcomed in our  cars. We have conversations with   

our AI gadgets on a daily basis.  


With technology, scientists & artists are  experimenting  with sound  

on how users feel and react to certain  sounds.  


Smart connected lifestyle 

is possible with the new age of internet &  connectivity. Definitely helping us to keep up 

with the productivity level. 


Jacquard Smart Fabrics collaborated with Lewis    and many other new material innovation

  with tech has been anticipated

  in the coming age design . 


Designers and innovators are building products  with emotion and empathy, humans feel good or connected with their devices. 


Haptic touch or a feeling of response has been widely inculcated in our devices. The small details have an amazing impact in the experience.


Wearables are well received by users  

to track and improvise how we perceive 

health and well-being  


Technology is just not the screen that

one gets glued to - browsing. The key words  are moderation and balance to avoid distraction. 


There are many apps to limit your usage and music events were users are supposed to lock their devices.

In the future, one would want to avoid the devices. 


Rewards to all who are not engaged with  their phones and spend more time socialising  with family and friends. Juxtaposing the usage of  technology, devices will be used as a tool to meet  and then will be kept aside for real-life interaction.  


Based on the emerging trends and insight I propose an experiential transportability platform 

Commuting and traveling on a daily basis are considering time - consuming and frustrating for the users. With the booming concept of autonomous pod as seen in CES (consumer electronic show) 2019 can change how people experience daily commutes.


One can book a ride specifying the kind of journey one would like to take or even subscribe the rideshare platform on monthly / yearly basis.

How will it be different from our current train / bus / cab commutes?

The users get to choose the kind of services that they would like to indulge in while they travel from point A to B. One can select an immersive gaming session while they travel or a tech wellness experience where the user immerses in meditation with chromatic light therapy.

Anything is possible and the wellbeing of the users will be the priority in far future and technology will have far more impact in the far reality.


Technology, wellbeing and experience

are the key trend words on how the future mobility will shape up in next few years.

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